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QC11K-20X12500 CNC Hydraulic shearing machine


The second generation of plate shears. Three-point support type rolling guide rail eliminates the bearing surface gap and ensures the shearing quality.

The upper and lower blades are all rectangular blades, four blades are interchangeable, with long service life.

The shearing angle can be adjusted to reduce the distortion of sheet metal and improve the product quality.

All steel welded structure, vibration aging, heat treatment to eliminate internal stress, good rigidity and stability;

Mature integrated hydraulic system, stable performance;

The clearance of guide rail is eliminated, and the cutting quality is higher;

The electric back gauge can be adjusted manually and displayed digitally, Automatic back off function, numerical display

Cutting blade especially for cutting stainless steel, long service life.

The upper blade holder has an internal tilt structure, which makes it easy to drop materials and improves the working accuracy accordingly;

Section and fixed length cutting function; lighting device, easy to cut; automatic front feeding, pneumatic rear supporting device (optional);


Main configuration:

● Hydraulic: Taifeng, optional Bosch hydraulic system

● Gear pump: Sunny, USA

● Oil cylinder seal: Japan Valqua or Dingji

● Electrical: Nanjing Estun E21S numerical control system, Siemens electrical components, Yingkai motor (Siemens main motor as optional)

● Others: Shanghai blade.


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中威自主研发的世界第一台QC11K-20*12500 数控液压闸式剪板机