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2-WE67K-1200 / 7000 tandem press brake

WE67K large-scale electro-hydraulic servo CNC hydraulic tandem press brake

Performance features:

Lamp pole special production line: the lamp pole production line of Zhongwei company adopts the most advanced technology in China, and the product equipment technology is mature. The product has high configuration performance, automatically controls the bending angle, the worktable is equipped with deflection compensation system (the front and rear discharging and supporting devices can be configured). Blanking, folding and forming can be completed in one time, which is the most ideal line for lamp pole processing.


Synchronous working principle of double machine or multi machine linkage press brake: Servo synchronization of hydraulic proportional valve of Bosch Company in Germany, with excellent performance. For example, the friction force in the mechanical movement is small, and the electronic amplifier and the electric magnet have high efficiency control force and continuous reaction force. Grating ruler real-time feedback slider position information, the system controls two oil cylinders to act at the same time. The grating is installed on the "C" plate to ensure that the deflection of the slider and the fuselage does not affect the measurement and control accuracy.

The system supports multi language, can automatically calculate and adjust the bending force, and can calculate the control stop, speed change point, slider stroke (Y1, Y2).Excellent guide, position measurement, hydraulic balance system to meet different lengths and customized requirements. The deflection compensation device of worktable is used to counteract the influence of machine deflection and ensure the accuracy of workpieces.

 Frame split welding structure, convenient for transportation

 The large tempering furnace is used for tempering to eliminate internal stress. Make sure the machine is not deformed, with high strength and stable operation.

The surface of weldment is sandblasted, and the surface cleaning grade is Sa2.5(GB8923-88), thickened worktable plate, sliding block and left and right wall plates, make the whole machine have excellent rigidity.

Grating ruler detects the actual position of both sides of the slider, and the CNC system corrects the synchronization error of both sides of the slider in real time, so as to ensure that the slider can keep parallel with the worktable in the case of unbalance load, and ensure the machining accuracy of the machine.

 Double or three cylinder of the same specification, equipped with double linkage synchronous device;

 The double machine linkage bending machine can process the extra long workpiece, especially suitable for the processing and manufacturing of the extra long workpiece such as the road lamp pole and power pole of the urban construction and expressway;

 Two machines can also be used separately to improve production efficiency;

 According to the drawings provided by the user, the machine structure and mold can be customized;

Japanese NOK complete set of oil cylinder seals, hydraulic cylinder works smoothly, without impact, crawling and other phenomena. Siemens Beide motor, long service life. In line with the international standards of electrical components, mainly Siemens, Schneider brand, stable, long service life. The foot switch is movable and easy to operate. Special mould for lamppost, good material and less wear. Sino US joint venture gear pump makes equipment work quieter.

II. 14m gantry hydraulic seam machine

This equipment is specially used for high pole lamp and electric pole jointing machine. It is driven by the traveling motor and welded manually, saving time.

Technical parameter

MODEL Nominal
Length of
working table
 between colums
  KN mm mm mm mm mm kw mm
2-WE67K-200/4600 2*2000 2*4600 3500 800 200 800 2*18.5 2*5000/2570/3500
2-WE67K-300/6000 2*3000 2*6000 4700 800 250 800 2*22 2*6160/2570/4560
2-WE67K-400/5000 2*4000 2*5000 3900 800 320 800 2*30 2*5050/3640/4100
2-WE67K-500/6000 2*5000 2*6000 4700 800 320 800 2*37 2*6090/3700/4800
2-WE67K-600/6000 2*6000 2*6000 4700 1200 350 1200 2*45 2*6050/4510/5500
2-WE67K-800/6000 2*8000 2*6000 4800 1200 400 1200 2*55 2*6500/4800/6050
2-WE67K-800/8000 2*8000 2*8000 6300 1200 400 1200 2*55 2*8500/4800/6050
2-WE67K-1000/6000 2*10000 2*6000 4300 1650 400 1750 2*55 2*6500/4900/6500
2-WE67K-1200/7000 2*12000 2*7000 5600 1600 400 1600 2*55 2*7200/5100/7100











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