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Billet Shearing Machine


Brief introduction of billet shearing machine:
    It is used in automobile manufacturing, construction, mining, metallurgy and other industries. It can cut round steel, profile, square steel, flat steel, angle steel by changing different kinds of blades. The machine can be customized.

Technical parameters of billet cutter:

Model Nominal pressure Blade width  Slide stroke Motor  Shear material Weight
KN mm mm KW Square steel Round steel Flat steel kgs
QA95-160 1600 500 160 37 64 37 430×9 95000
QA95-250 2500 500 100 45 80 45 430×15 12000
QA95-350 3500 600 100 55 81×105 55 500×18 16000
QA85-500 5000 800 120 75 81×140 75 700×20 25000
QA95-800 8000 800 160 90 100×180 90 700×30 35000


-_09.jpgHow about your machine quality? We are worry about the quality.


Zhongwei is a mature brand in China, through our many years research in technology, our design including structure and detailed security and precision has enhanced greatly, and can match all the CE standard or more strict standard. We have 29 after-sales service sites in China and agent in America. Our machines distribute worldwide to about 60 countries where there are metal plate industry ,there are ZHONGWEI machines. And where there are our machines, there are good reputation and terminal user satisfaction.


How about your factory in CHINA?


Zhongwei located in Haian city,Jiangsu who is the leading area in China and also in the worldwide as the center of the metal plate solution machines, We have worked Over 40 years in this area and totally have about 300 staffs. By cooperate with top research institute, we received the national fund research projects and supported by government. Rich experience in this field with professional technical supporting and oriented service.


How to visit our company?


Our factory is located in Nantong city, near Shanghai. You can fly to Shanghai, then we pick you up from Shanghai airport.

If you visit other cities first, then you can take a high speed train to our city.


Welcome to visit Zhongwei!!!


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