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Press brake with robot

Industry 4.0, the automation and unmanned production become a new trend. The advantage of robot bending is that it can realize unmanned operation for a large number of repeated plates and save labor cost. When the product parameters change, the robot program can be readjusted, and the range of use is flexible.


The robot flexible bending unit adopts a 6-DOF robot, which can integrate the robot body, electric cabinet, gripper, loading platform, secondary positioning platform, blanking platform, divider, double material detection device and safety protection fence needed for robot bending, realizing flexible configuration, providing an economic and practical automation solution for small and medium-sized workpiece bending, saving manpower, save cost and ensure the consistency of bending parts.

According to the advantages of Zhongwei in the field of bending and the technological characteristics of robot bending, bending support, a special bending software for robot, is developed to realize the real-time following of bending and shorten the teaching time.


    This scheme adopts the standard robot electric cabinet, which is fixed on the bottom plate, the centering positioning table is fixed on the robot electric cabinet, equipped with the start button box, the three-color light of equipment status is installed above the fence, and the reference fixed plate of repeated mobile positioning is equipped. After the whole set of equipment is debugged, it is only necessary to teach the position of robot and press brake (fine adjustment) again after repeated movement. When the whole set of equipment is moved, the power cable and communication cable between robot and press brake shall be removed, and the electric cabinet and robot shall be whole transported.


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