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YZWK34 fram H Type Hydraulic Press



ZHONGWEI H frame Hydraulic Press Machine 315 Ton Power for stainless steel kitchen sink



This machine is widely used in forging industry, for produce stamping parts, stretch steel, cutting, punching and so on.

1. Auto parts, brake pads, fuel tanks, chassis, bumpers;

2. Household appliances: washing machines, rice cookers, televisions, refrigerators, air conditioners and other parts;

3. Kitchen appliances: washing tanks, pots, stainless steel cutlery, and other various containers;

4. Others: tractors, motorcycles, aviation, and aerospace.


Technical Performance

The design is mature, stable, safe and high efficiency, machine has a high market share.

The machine passed the EU CE certification and ISO quality system certification

Manual and semi-automatic operation methods

The working pressure, travel range of slider can be adjusted according to process requirements. Two process modes for

choose: constant pressure process and constant stroke process

The slider has two speeds, fast and slow speed mode, is convenient for the operator to control the workpiece.

Sliders and tables have T –slots, easy for installation of molds.

Frame type guides ensure stable accuracy and easy maintenance . 









What is your advantage?

1). Over 40 years experience in manufacturing the machines. Professional and rich experience.

2): We are manufacturer, not the trading company. So we can provide the strong and powerful after

sales service.

3): All kinds of processing equipment(17-meter-long large-scale tempering furnace, 20 meters long large 

CNC five surface machining center, traveling crane of 200 tons capacity, 16m heavy duty lathe) to

ensure accuracy.

4): CE, ISO, TUV, BV certificate, Credit AAA enterprise, Famous brand certification, High and new

technology enterprise, contract trustworthiness enterprise.

5): ZHONGWEI machines distributeworldwide to about 60 countries and 29 sub-office in China where

there are metal plate industry, there are ZHONGWEI machines. And where there are our machines,

there are good reputation and terminal user satisfaction.

 Do you have after sales support?

We have a 66-person -professional and strong technical support team. And will provide the machine life

time service for you. Any problem, contact us and we will solve for you.


 How to visit your company?

Our factory is located in Nantong city, near Shanghai. You can fly to Shanghai, then we pick you up from

Shanghai airport.

If you visit other cities first, then you can take a high speed train to our city.


What information you need to prepare the quotation:

1. Nominal force

2. Machine type(four column or frame, normal or deep drawing type)?

3. Table size(Width*length)

4. Open height

5. Slider stroke



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