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YZW87-4000T Automobile frame molding hydraulic press

Equipment Photos:

 Automobile frame molding hydraulic press

Automobile frame molding hydraulic press

Performance features:

        This series of  YZW087Automobile frame molding hydraulic press has two types of structure: column type (multi column) and frame type. There are two forms of single machine and tandem, with high synchronous accuracy; the three beams of the machine tool are welded components, which are tempered, processed by a large-scale CNC Floor Boring and milling machine, with good accuracy retention; the column surface is subject to medium frequency quenching treatment, with good strength, high hardness, wear resistance and strain resistance. The slider stroke of the YZW087Automobile frame molding hydraulic press adopts the  imported displacement sensor to detect and send information, closed-loop control, electro-hydraulic proportional pump to execute, the oil cylinder has good synchronization effect, and the slider has strong anti bias load capacity. According to the user’s needs, the automobile frame molding press can be equipped with a loading and unloading mechanism, a lower hydraulic cushion, a mold changing lifting guide rail, a moveable worktable, etc., and a frame type machine can be provided for the user.

Application area:

        This series of YZW087Automobile frame molding hydraulic press, which can also be named by automobile frame molding press, is mainly suitable for the pressing and forming of all kinds of automobile crossbeams and similar process applications, as well as for the pressing, forming and extruding of other metal parts.

Optional accessories:

          The parts of the automobile frame molding press can be optional according to customer demand, such as Lifting device, feeding device and hydraulic cushion.



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