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Forging hydraulic press

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Forging hydraulic press

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        The YZW12,13-Forging presss is mainly used for various free forging processes, using upper and lower anvil blocks and some simple general tools for drawing, forging, rough finishing, punching, cutting and other processes. The YZW12,13-Forging presss can also complete the die forging process. Forging hydraulic press is directly driven by oil pump, with oil as working medium. It has four column positive mounting type, two column pull-down type and four column pull-down type. The hot press can also be equipped with move table or lateral moving device.

label: Four column hydraulic press Single movement deep drawing hydraulic press


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The YZW12,13-Forging presss is mainly used for various free forging processes, using upper and lower anvil blocks and some simple general tools for drawing, forging, rough finishing, punching, cutting and other processes.