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W11 Rolling Machine For Trailer


Model Press of upper roller Max.rolling thickness Plate width Diameter of
upper roller
Diameter of
lower roller
Central distance
between two rollers
Main motor
(Tons) End bending
(mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (kw)
W11-8x9500 130 6 8 9500 510 260 360 15
W11-10x6000 160 8 10 6000 460 270 380 18.5
W11-12x6000 230 10 12 6000 480 290 400 22
W11-16x6000 270 12 16 6000 520 320 440 30
W11-20x6000 320 16 20 6000 550 340 480 37



It is suitable for the rolling of various cross-section shapes such as trailers.

It can be divided into the following special trailer rolling machine:

a) Symmetrical up adjustment type: The position of the two lower working rollers is relatively unchanged, and the upper working roller can vertically.

b) Universal type of upper roll: the upper roller can move vertically and horizontally. The vertical movement is hydraulic transmission. The lower roller is only rotating to provide torque for the rolling plate. The lower roller is equipped with a support roller which can be adjusted. The upper roller is in the shape of a drum to improve the straightness of the products.

c) With upper crossbeam type: The press roller are between the upper part of the upper roller and the lower part of the upper crossbeam. The rigidity of the upper roller is improved, and the diameter of the upper roller is smaller, which is conducive to the rolling of the fillet of the tank body with smaller radius.

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