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The mechanical three roller asymmetrical plate rolling machine structure type, the upper and lower working rolls are mainly driven rolls, the lower roll is equipped with wedge block lifting mechanism to clamp the plate to prevent the plate from slipping, the side roll lifting adopts mechanical lifting, the tail of the upper roll is equipped with balance mechanism, the overturning bearing body dumping and resetting adopts manual operation, which is facilitate the unloading of the rolled workpiece. The mechanical three roller asymmetrical plate rolling machine has pre-bending function, with compact structure, convenient operation and maintenance.

Equipped with mobile operation station, more convenient for workers to use. The machine is an advanced and practical rolling equipment, has high rolling accuracy.


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  • Max.Rolling thickness: 0.1-10 mm
  • Max.Rolling Width: 100-2500 mm
  • Model: W11F
  • Brand: ZHONGWEI
  • Suitable industry: Petrochemical engineering, wind power industry