T44QK series Large scale uncoiling leveling and shearing production line

     T44QK series production line is used for uncoiling, rough straightening, slitting, cut to certain length, leveling and stack. This production line is an upgraded model, especially suitable for the wider and thicker steel coil products from the steel plant. It is an indispensable and efficient processing line for the metal sheet processing industry. It is suitable for machinery manufacturing, stainless steel products, automobiles, household appliances, containers, light industries and other sectors. The pressing part crosses the uncoiler, and is connected with the clamping primary calibration mechanism to form a four column frame structure, equipped with a strong shovel head. It can be equipped with double side edge cutting machine and edge recoiler machine to obtain accurate size of four edge cutting plate.


 T44QK-numerical control of high speed thin plate uncoiling and leveling shear production line: 


     The production line is a special production line for flattening thin metal plates and cutting them into fixed length plates. It is composed of loading trolley, uncoiler, leading device, leveling machine, movable bridge, deviation correction, sizing, laminating, shearing machine, conveying platform, pneumatic discharging frame, hydraulic lifting stacking platform, feeding roller table, hydraulic and electrical system, etc.
The six layer leveling machine can level the coil plate with high requirements for cutting metal aluminum and other plates with fixed length. 
According to the needs of customers, provide two-level leveling machine for primary and fine leveling; normal, NC or CNC for fixed length shear; mechanical, hydraulic, electromagnetic clutch, pneumatic clutch and other high-speed type for plate shears. It can be extended to a wider range of functions.


  • Max.Straight thickness: 0.3-40mm
  • Max.Straight width: 100-2500mm
  • Model: T44QK
  • Brand: ZHONGWEI
  • Suitable industry: Sheet metal industry